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Lou, Woking

sorry to hear your loosing your guitarist, im a Mod guitarist from woking,in surrey and im looking for a new band to join, i have lots of live and recording exp, and good contacts. My last bands where : The 5:16,s theN The sha la la,s and more recent the special guests. I have supported Paul Weller and bruce foxten with his band From the Jam, I have played a lot of the March of the MODS, also the 100 club ect,ect. I have good gear ie VOX ac30, gison sg, usa telecaster,and a epiphone semi and various pedals. I love you sound,style and look,i think i could add to you band and fit right in. please get in touch. Lou 07973 189162

Richard (originalsince63), Plymouth

I saw you in IOW the set was amazing me and my missus loved your sound,you had to be the best band of the weekend the album has not left my car your band will go much further i'm sure (H)

Donny gallacher, Glasgow

I seen you guys by chance in carnaby st whilst me and ma lady were clothes shopping and you were the highlight of the weekend .really energetic strong 60s vibe letting there influences shine .great stuff lads


All the best for tomorrow guys..!!! Great debut album from the start and wish I was there to see you live!;)...Will be letting Scotland in on this !!! ;)(tsmile):*

Rexy-Boy, Pub

Been to a few gigs now, even my better half thinks your good, I know a decent band when I hear one.....

carling, newcastle

ah think yee soond fantastic.

moz, walworth,london

i was listening to you on the train platform the other day and it made me go weak at the knees

boro 67, middlesbrough

sounds good i hope you can find your way to boro,look forward to seeing you

barking bob, midlands

excellent band

Millwall Paul, kent

keep up the good work lads.

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